At Horaney’s Feed and Seed, we want to help you grow!


Whether you need something for your garden, your furry or fluffy friend or your backyard, Horaney’s has what you need!


Whether you want to plant in a field, a bed or a container, Horaney’s carries a large variety of top grade seeds and seedlings for your garden and yard.

From the tools you need to get them in the ground, to soil amendments you might need, fertilizers you will certainly want and insecticides and herbicides to keep out unwanted visitors, Horaney’s wants to help make your garden lush and green.

When it’s time to harvest your produce, we have the tools you need for collecting and preserving your bounty. Not sure how to grow a certain plant or what to do about that weird fungus you see on your tomatoes?

Visit with Betty and Al–they are a font of knowledge about all things gardening!

While you’re in the store, pick up a free copy of the vegetable garden planting guide.

It has typical garden layouts and suggested planting information for dozens of vegetables.

Animal Care

Horaney’s is your source for goods for all creatures, great and small!

We have the feed you need, whether you have a field full of cattle, a roost of chickens, a pen of rabbits or a faithful old hound dog.

When your critters need to be dewormed or a flea treatment, visit Horaney’s for the best selection of pet care products on the market. We can help you with your animal containment, as well, from fencing for your livestock to chicken wire for your coop.

Let Betty and Al share their years of experience with all kinds of animal products with you!

Outdoor Decor

Slow down and enjoy life a little with Horaney’s yard and garden furniture and decor. Have a seat in a rustic rocking chair or bench and watch the birds eat from the huge selection bird feeders.

Betty and Al offer a variety of bird seed mixes to attract an abundance of birds to your yard, as well as houses for them to take shelter in.

Listen to the wind blow in your custom tuned windchimes and smell the meat cooking on the grill or in the smoker. With a huge selection of furniture and decor, you can make your home a haven–or you can give them as gifts to your family and friends!

Come browse and see what Betty has picked out for you this month! Let Horaney’s make your yard a little slice of heaven!

Cooking and Food

With East Texas’ largest selection of cast iron cooking implements Horaney’s is ready to make you into a culinary artist! From dutch ovens and cornstick pans to pots, grill pans and presses, you can cook anywhere from the stove top to the oven to the campfire. When it’s time to clean and season your cast iron, Horaney’s carries trusted products to help you keep your cooking equipment looking good as new!

When you’re done cooking, you can pair your culinary masterpiece with locally sourced jellies, jams, preserves and honey, all hand picked by Betty and Al for their delicious flavors and local origin!

Call or visit Horaney’s and let us know how we can help with your home, garden or animal care!