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About Us

Horaney’s began as a small feed store in Gladewater in 1930, first operated by the family patriarch Harry Horaney. The store moved to downtown Longview in 1940 where it became a local fixture. Harry’s son Albert continued the family business and when he married Betty, they spent their years selling farm and garden supplies. Their sons Ronnie and Al grew up in the store and helped their parents, as well. Now operated by Betty and son, Al, Horaney’s continues to be one of East Texas’ most beloved destination shops. The Horaneys are a font of knowledge on everything from gardening to animal husbandry and are happy to share their experience with their customers.

Aside from running the store, the Horaneys are passionate about supporting their local community. Betty believes that “your work is your ministry.” As such, she has helped facilitate the Thanksgiving Food Drive for 27 years, has cooked for various fire station crews, and is involved in a host of other volunteer activities throughout the year.

Come see why loyal customers come from all over East Texas to get their gardening, animal and home goods from the Horaneys!